If you are a clinician or researcher, you are welcome to read and comment here, even if gender dysphoria is not a particular area of expertise.

Numerous online resources are available for clinicians practicing within a gender-affirming model. This site is intended to promote discussion about other therapeutic approaches that might be considered to fall outside of this model. Critical examination of all therapeutic approaches, including gender-affirming protocols, is welcomed.

Because we are aware of the sensitive nature of the topic, comments will be reviewed by our moderators before posting. Please follow these guidelines when posting.

  1. Where possible, post under your real name and identify your clinical credentials and expertise.
  2. Comments should be on-topic and should contribute to respectful debate and exploration of the issues raised by the post.
  3. Criticisms should be objective, constructive and based on facts. Personal commentary about the character or competence of individuals is not permitted.
  4. Comments that are harassing, threatening, or disrespectful of human diversity will not be tolerated.
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