Study about people who have detransitioned or desisted

Study about people who have detransitioned or desisted

This note is to ask for your help in reaching out to possible participants for a study regarding the experiences of people who have desisted or detransitioned. The purpose of this research is to explore: 1) which factors may or may not be related to the development of and desistance from transgender identification; 2) whether or not individuals experienced changes in their sexual orientation during and after transgender-identification; and 3) what kinds of counseling and informed consent were received by those who sought medical care to transition. Specifically, we are looking for participants living in the United States who are: 18-33 years of age, previously identified as transgender, but do not currently identify as transgender. An eligibility screening interview will be conducted by videoconference call. Eligible individuals who are willing to participate will complete an online survey administered through Qualtrics. The study is approved by the Brown University HRPP.  

Please consider sharing the recruitment flyer on social media, with anyone you know who might be eligible, or with any community where there might be people who are eligible. If you have any questions about the study, please feel free to contact me at:



Lisa Littman, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of the Practice

Brown University School of Public Health

Department of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Roberto D'Angelo

Roberto D'Angelo is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in private practice in Sydney, Australia.

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