Gender Dysphoria Spreads like an Epidemic Online

Sven Roman, MD is a specialist in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The number of cases of gender dysphoria has increased explosively in recent years, especially among young people. I am appalled at the drastic, irrevocable and unscientific treatment. This may be our country’s biggest healthcare scandal ever.

On September 5, 17 parents of children with gender dysphoria wrote an op-ed in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter on the epidemic of gender dysphoria among children and young adults (18 to 25 years). They describe an epidemic in which social contacts play a major role.

In psychiatry, it is common for epidemics to spread socially. Some other examples are eating disorders and self-harm behavior.

Through internet, the social spread has been made easier and thus has increased. It started with contacts via sms. The increase became exponential through the rise of social media. The trend grew additionally with smart phones.

When eating disorders and self-harm behavior began to increase, the health care provider community tried its best when it came to treatment. I will exemplify how we approached self-harm behavior, that started to appear in the early 1990s.

Initially, we forced these young people into treatment, and kept them under constant surveillance with the aim to reduce self-harm. The result was quite the opposite.

The youth felt monitored as if they were in prison, their levels of anxiety increased, the self-harm behavior escalated and the blood was literally splashing. There were many restraining belt interventions and forced medication.

But we learned. We realized there was a great spread of contamination and we tried to avoid hospitalization in closed wards.

After a decade, research has shown promising results through psychotherapy. Today, practices across the country are treating self-harm behavior with scientifically rooted psychotherapy. Often, patients stop injuring themselves within three months.

From 2014, the six gender dysphoria reception centers for children has seen an avalanche of referrels. In 2013, Stockholm received 24 referrals. In the years 2016 to 2018, 197 to 239 referrals came annually, this is an eight to ten-fold increase in three years, according to an article in Swedish newspaper Expressen.

There is a corresponding increase in all the reception centers in the country. Thousands of children and young adults are likely to have received sex-corrective treatment over the past five years.

Unlike the epidemic of self-harm behavior, care providers are not exploring to find the right treatment. Instead, on a broad front, drastic treatment with high doses of sex hormones and breast and genital surgery is introduced. This despite the lack of any scientific evidence for these treatments for children, and probably not for young adults either.

Research shows that at least 75 percent of patients with gender dysphoria have other psychiatric problems. In the group of children and young adults, autism, eating disorders, self-harm behavior and abuse are common. For all these conditions there is evidence-based treatment. Given such, gender dysphoria often disappears, as it is usually secondary to these conditions.    

The brain undergoes major changes during adolescence. Development takes place from the posterior part of the brain and moves forward. The last part of the brain to mature is the front lobe. This is where the capacity for holistic thinking, empathy and judgment lies. The brain is only fully developed at 25 to 30 years of age.    

Since gender dysphoria often is secondary to psychiatric conditions for which there is evidence-based treatment and gender-corrective therapy for adolescents lacks scientific support, all gender-corrective therapy for patients younger than 25 years should be discontinued.

There needs to be an independent investigation into the probably biggest health scandal in our country’s history.     

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  1. Thanks, dr. Sven. We´ll translate to our website, which is in progress. This madness arrived in Brasil and media only praises ‘gender affirmation approach´. It´s a tragedy.

  2. This is so invalidating and not true.

    1. Which parts are not true?

  3. The transgender activists are out to destroy society. Their creed is utter nonsense. Gender is not in the head. What is in the head is a narcissistic fanatsy about onself. It is not reality. Everyone knows that; even they do. So they refuse to talk about the issues and set about annihilating anyone who won’t acept their toxic beliefs. Yet, given that they are mentallty unstable, as. sadly, is anyone who can’t accept their natal body but seeks to destroy it by radical mutilaton and chronic intensive medication, they are not so much to blame as the cretinous, fearful, virtue-signalling ‘woke’ politicians and figures of authority who have swallowed the TG nonsene, hook,llne and sinker. They are the ones most responsible for the current damage to women (real women, I mean), to teenagers and to our small children. They are the child-snatchers , the child abusers,the child haters.
    Well one, America,Australia and Scotland. There is blood on the hands of your politicians.

    1. It´s true. Also, there is blood in Brasil´s politician´s hands. Specially that ones from a party named PSOL, which is pushing for the legalization of hormones for kids under 18 (PL – Transcidadania).

  4. My daughter is 13 year old and just came out that she is trans and her closest friends are 4 females who are also trans and 1 male trans that I know of by name. There are more and it’s a growing trend.

    1. My daughter declared trans in July this yr (2019) –she is 28 yrs old yet there is still high probability ROGD

  5. This is incredibly inaccurate, but that’s not the important thing.

    The important thing is that the argument relies squarely on the lack of good research, then insists that the way to solve this is never to do research. The important thing is that literally every argument against trans people in society or as a ‘contagious’ force mirrors the same arguments made -decades- ago regarding the ‘contagious’ nature of homosexuality, of ‘recruiting’, etc. All of that was repeatedly proven to be spurious.

    This is an incredibly obvious piece of political maneuvering which attempts to disguise an unwillingness to see future research due to an unwillingness to find that a bigoted position is bigoted. Every single study which purports to find ‘proof’ that trans identities are contagious interviews absolutely no one except those harvested from sites already predicated on rejection of trans identity; this is an enormous conflict of interest, and it makes for unethical science. Not only that, but most of this research also cites sources (such as an oft-quoted study re: high suicide rate among trans kids) incompletely, cherry-picking and selling completely false data as truth because it appeared in an otherwise useful, rigorous, and informative study.

    Trans youths have incredibly high suicide rates (and when they receive affirming long-term care and acceptance their suicide rates drop back to normal).
    There has been a rash of deaths among Lupron users (because Lupron is also used to slow the progress of hormone-sensitive cancers and extend the lives of elderly people who are already dying and in palliative care).
    Trans women have lower bone density! (in fact, our bone density is low in comparison with men; it is similar to the reference range for cis women)
    Trans women carry more fat! (yes, we do: again, in comparison to men, but within the reference range of cis women)

    While the above two examples are -absolutely true-, they also leave out an important portion of the information which makes them seem demonically bad. They’re nothing of the sort; it’s good information, but taken out of a larger context which, when included, resoundingly justifies treatment.

    This is an immensely common tactic, utterly ignored by those who only wish to search for long enough to confirm their own biases. None of these studies employ rigorous methods. None of them are anything but an attempt to cast oil on the water and reduce the impact of legitimately good, worthy science by gumming up the works with catastrophic news about new side effects.

    This is fundamentally spurious, and there is no good reason for any of it to get the amount of play that it does. It’s nonsense. It’s being sold to people who want to believe it, by people who want to believe it, in defense of a system which hates and excludes us based on who we are. This is precisely the same nonsense as was leveled at homosexuals, and it’s not even in a new package.

    Get a grip. Find someone who actually does the math. Read the sources; when they seem extra-hairy, maybe consider looking into who funds or owns a given organization. *Do actual research*. That’s how you find the truth.

    It isn’t, however, how you confirm whatever your suspicions were coming in. You have to ignore a lot of easily-available info to do that, rather than making an honest effort to understand what you’re railing against.

  6. There is no connection between homosexuality and TG. Homosexuals do not seek to destroy their body in the way I described above. On the contrary they enjoy it very much. They do not suffer from a mental imbalance, nor from any psychological disorder whether gender dysphoria or anythig else.The TG activists (who are they, by the way?) are running rampage through society, enabled by cretinous politicians and other figures of authority who are afraid to call out the TG ideology for what it is, namely rubbish, the product of an over-fertile imagination, divorced from sense, sciene and reality.This is certainly the biggest medical scandal of the century — so far!
    Oh, and by the way, the figures for suicide are higher after transition than before. And detransitioners are growing ever more numerous.

    1. They cannot say anything rational. All they can do is repeatdly compare theirselves with gays, lesbians, intersex people, females, black people…

  7. I guess my comment disappeared into the trash can. If perhaps is shocking to the medical profession and their hubris?

    Here is is again in case you missed it. From October 8, 2019

    Gender Dysphoria” – is an absurd medical term (recently invented) and people who desire medications and surgeries should have to pay for it, just like people do for other cosmetic work. I find that doctors that provide these services to be unethical and ignorant to history – including their own. Second wave feminism crashed amd burned and soon kids will be required to learn “gender theory” in schools when they know nothing of The Enlightenment, philosophy, feminism, sexism, The Constitution or history.

    One of the traps of digital technology is that it has elevated the notion of the self. Kids are being preyed upon. It is difficult for most to understand but the self is a modern invention from the late 18th century. At that time there was a huge increase in what formerly was called transvestism which we now call transgender. Prior to that time the notion that you even had a self was grotesque. Your body was merely a vessel for your soul.

    Read John O. Lyons’ “The Invention of the Self.”

    Good luck out there in the world kids! Get off your iPhones! Get some fresh air! Stick your thumb out and run into some people outside your clan. Travel.

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